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Banker’s wife

In the case of murdered banker’s wife Maria Bögerl there are no suspicions against members of her family, the police announced yesterday








Bögerl, whose husband Thomas is the head of the Heidenheim Sparkasse bank, was kidnapped from the family home on May 12, 2010

Later that day he received a phone call in which the kidnapper demanded €300,000 and his wife told him she feared for her life.

Bild reported that Thomas Bögerl spoke with his wife by phone and she told him the kidnapper or kidnappers were threatening to kill her. Less than an hour after Bögerl was snatched, her husband received a call from a kidnapper. He was ordered to leave the ransom money on the A7 motorway near Heidenheim, marked with a German flag.

An attempt to deliver the money that day failed – it was delivered at the agreed spot too late, police have now admitted, and was never collecteD

Heidenheim family of kidhnapped banker’s wife Maria Bögerl appeared on German television in an appeal for clues to her disappearance

Police released a computer image of a ponytailed man who was seen near the  Bögerl home on the morning of the kidnapping and also near the town of Nietheim. Investigators have received bout 2,500 tips from The public after the release of the picture, though they have not yet identified the man.

Her body was found in the woods in Baden-Württemberg just 3 weeks after.l

The spot where the body was discovered was very close to the meeting point for a failed ransom money handover, prompting suspicions it was Bögerl.

Investigation finds DNA traces on Bögerl’s body

Weekly magazines Der Spiegel and Focus both report that the exact time of death has yet to be determined, but that the traces of DNA found on Bögerl’s body could be helpful.

Investigators have already said the man who called to demand money from Bögerl’s husband, a local banker, was local, with a strong regional accent.

Der Spiegel said that the DNA traces recovered from her body were, however, of poor quality and could make comparisons difficult to make.

Germany has history of prominent kidnappings

Jakob von Metzler, the 11-year-old son of a prominent banker, was kidnapped and murdered on ransom in 2002 by law student who knew the family.

In October 1996, Hamburg tobacco heir, Jan Philipp Reetsma was abducted and held captive for one month before his captors freed him in return for 30 million Deutschmarks ($ 13 m). The main suspect was extradited from Argentina for trial in Germany in 2000 and sentenced to 14 years and six months in prison.

In the same year Jakub Fiszman, a Frankfurt millionare businessman was kidnapped and murdered despite the payment of ransom of 4 million Deutschmarks. A suspect was later arrested.

Mr Fiszman’s six-year-old nephew, Peter Fiszman, was kidnapped in 1991 in Cologne along with a schoolmate, but both were released two days later after a ransom was paid.

Update: The case remains unsolved. Thomas Bögerl committed suicide in July, 2011,,647630,00.html


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