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Amy Bishop, Alabama Professor case

Amy Bishop, a mother of 4, is a  Harvard-educated neurobiologist and former biology professor of Alabama University in Huntsville.

Amy Bishop in court. March 23. CBS


In February this year she killed three of her fellow professors and wounded three others during the routine meeting of the biology department.

Crime scene

Her motive was obviously that she was recently denied tenure which means she was about to lose her job. Bishop appealed the decision, alleging gender discrimination by the university.

The suspected murder weapon, a 9 mm handgun, was found in a bathroom on the second floor of the building.

After the shootings, Bishop, who became an assistant professor at the school in 2003, was arrested at the scene. As she got into a police car, she said, "It didn’t happen. There’s no way. … They are still alive."

After the incident many strange things emerged regarding her past.

For example in 1994 she and her husband were questioned regarding a letter-bomb incident.

Almost 25 years ago, in 1986 she fatally shot her 18 year old brother Seth Bishop, in their family home, in Massachusetts, the shooting was originally ruled an accident, but after Bishop was arrested for the college  shootings Braintree investigators decided to reopen the case.

She is now also charged in connection with the death of her brother.

Family home where the shooting happened

Bishop spent her career studying mechanisms that lead to the degeneration of neural tissues. She was a described as a bright scientist with career ups and downs

INVENTORS: Amy Bishop is shown with her husband, James Anderson, with a prototype of a product they created called a CellDrive.

William Setzer, chairman of the chemistry department at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, where the shootings took place, and an adjunct lecturer in the biology department, told The Chronicle, "She’s pretty smart. That was not a question."

Interestingly, Bishop is the second cousin of famous novelist John Irving, Among Irving’s best-known books are "The World According to Garp," "A Prayer for Owen Meany" and "The Cider House Rules."

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