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Missing Kiesha Update. Aug 9, 2010

A DRAMATIC second raid was made on the home of missing girl Kiesha Abrahams yesterday after police received fresh allegations.

The Daily Telegraph reports homicide detectives and a team of forensic police wearing blue jumpsuits arrived at the family home in Woodstock Ave, Hebersham, armed with floor plans for the unit about 3pm.

They emerged carrying internal doors, skirting boards, rolls of carpet, and what appeared to be a child’s mattress.

The first police search of the home began on Monday last week and the unit was sealed off as a crime scene until Wednesday.

Police would not elaborate on what new information they had received, other than to say it was "significant to the case".

Detectives interviewed western Sydney man, Albert Lafaele, after he claimed he saw Mr Smith punching Kiesha outside the Hebersham Friendly Grocer store two or three weeks ago.

"I was shocked. I walked past a white car and I saw this man whacking his child in the face," said Mr Lafaele, who runs weekend markets next to the supermarket.

"The girl was kicking and screaming, so I stopped in front of the car and told the man to hit me instead, which gave Kiesha a chance to jump out of the car."

Mr Lafaele, 46, said he realised the child was Kiesha after seeing her photograph.

"I’ll never forget her curly hair and those eyes," he said.

"I know it’s taken me a few days to come forward but I wanted to make sure 100 per cent that it was her before I said anything."

Police are still trying to determine the veracity of the report.


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