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Missing Kiesha update: unexplained payments to the parents

Police question Kiesha Abrahams’ mother and stepfather over cash

Abrahams’ receieved unexplained payments
Police are looking into a series of unexplained payments made to the parents of missing Kiesha.

POLICE are investigating payments made into the bank account of missing girl Kiesha Abrahams’ mother and stepfather in the weeks before she disappeared.
Sources have told the Herald Sun up to six payments, ranging between about $500 and $600 each, were made into Kristi Abrahams’ and Robert Smith’s bank account – but are yet to be explained or accounted for.
It is understood the amounts were paid in cash into the account at regular intervals leading up to when Kiesha, 6, was reported missing from her home in Sydney’s west on August 1.
When Mr Smith was first interviewed by police days after the child disappeared, he said detectives had his bank records and grilled him over a number of transactions.
"They had my bank statements there and they were saying to me, ‘What’s this for, and what’s that for?’," Mr Smith said at the time.
Ms Abrahams and Mr Smith have denied any involvement in the girl’s disappearance.
Detective Inspector Russell Oxford declined to comment on the case on Monday.
"We certainly are investigating all information that comes to us," Insp Oxford said.
It has been more than three weeks since Kiesha went missing from her home. Extensive ground searches have failed to find any trace of her.

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