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Custody row is possible motive for German shootings

Police in Germany believe a custody dispute may lie behind the actions of a woman who killed her estranged husband and young son before setting fire to the building they were in on Sunday.

The woman, referred as Sabine R by German press, also shot dead a hospital employee before being shot and killed herself by police in Loerrach.

She was a lawyer, aged 41, say police.

The woman’s ex-husband and their son, 5, were at her flat for a visit on Sunday afternoon. Investigators say both of them were dead by the time the woman had set the flat on fire.

She ran out into the street, shooting at two passersby with a small-calibre handgun before going into the St Elisabethen hospital nearby.

Inside, she headed for the gynaecology department, where she killed a male nurse. Police say he had stab wounds as well as having been shot in the head.

“Inside the hospital, the woman killed a staff member and then opened fire at police as they arrived. In the subsequent exchange of fire, a police officer was seriously injured and the woman was killed,” a police statement said.

If the woman had remained armed and in action, there would surely have been more victims”
Heribert Rech State interior minister




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