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Hollywood publicist murder solved? A Random Act? A Robbery Gone Bad? Really?

Hollywood publicist murder appears solved.

The Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen murder case became very public, but the Law Enforcement last night calmed the speculation down: most likely it was a random act of violence. No more flying rumors.

Police are saying, the motive was a robbery, but the perpetrator failed to take anything. Why?

Or perhaps it was a hate crime, a low life thug with long criminal history saw a white, obviously privileged, rich lady driving her Mercedes, well he was presumably riding a bicycle, and he gunned her down. For him it was just one bad day among many. Perhaps there was no other motive than that. He has committed robberies before, but it was not business as usual for him, the pattern was different, he hasn’t killed anyone before and he actually took something, like Sony Walkman.
Harold Smith is their only suspect, the most solid evidence against him is the ballistics. There is a match, they say now. And he is dead.
How convenient. 

He killed himself because according to reports, he didn’t want to go back to prison. However shortly after the murder he was bragging he was connected to high-profile murder case. Harold ‘Big mouth’ Smith even stated he was a hired hitman and he was supposed to get 10 000$ for the hit.

He also kept the murder weapon. Sure this is the way to avoid prison.

So why did he killed himself? Maybe he wanted to protect somebody, he knew LE will break him when questioned, or he was afraid or threatened, but the investigation have found no evidence that it was a planned hit . People watch too much Hollywood movies. There is no conspiracy here. And the man was obviously deluded.
The case will be close soon. Another nutjob got a gun. Not the first, not the last time. And the lady was in wrong place, wrong time, it actually could have been anyone.  Some buy it, some don’t.

Some of Chasen’s friends are skeptical of what police are now saying.
Roger Friedman, a friend of Chasen’s, told CBS News, "I think there’s still a lot of unanswered questions. Maybe the police are right. Or maybe they’re partially right, but I think they are hurrying to make some kind of announcement because there’s so much pressure on them." CBS
But the press conference last night certainly rised some questions.


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