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Case of Lara Logan

Jonathan Capehart asks in is blog published by Washington Post why Al jazeera network is silent over Lara Logan case link

This is not exactly correct.  Logan attack was mentioned on network’s website.

11:48am Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher expresses his condolences for Lara Logan from CBS News in the US. She was beaten and sexually assaulted while covering the protests in Egypt. Thoughts with my friend and former colleague @CBSNews Lara Logan who suffered brutal attack in #Egypt – hope she gets well and recovers soon

Why blame Al-Jazeera for not extensively covering ‘Logan case’.  In the States she surely gets enough attention as even President Obama and the White House have reportedly reached out to her .  She didn’t even file a report to the authorities . But fled Egypt two times after ‘attacked’.  These claims however are not verified, as far as we know she didnt’ go to hospital in Egypt for the initial treatment, because ‘she feared she would have been arrested’ . Nor she asked any assistance from US (or for exampe British) embassy.

ALJazeera obviously doesn’t do tabloid-style reporting.  Logan has asked that things stay private.

This is the second time I heard from her.
First time was, when – according to reports – she had an affair with married man (she later married) whose wife was so upset over cheating that she tried to kill herself by overdosing Valium. And indeed Al Jazeera didn’t cover that either.


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