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Casey Anthony Verdict: A Damn Shame

Casey Anthony not quilty verdict came as a shock to many. The case turned into media frenzy, there were numerous twists and turns reported by local and national media almost daily.

She was almost convicted in the media, but then exonerated by the court of law. This is why not quilty verdict was so stunning, who saw that coming?

While many Americans say their jury system promotes democracy, there are also serious doubts how effective jury system is because people with no legal background make important decisions, sometimes deliberating only hours.

There are hung jurys, mistrials, but the worst part is that the verdicts are so unpredictable proven many times. Everyone thought OJ Simpson was quilty, as well as Michael Jackson or Casey Anthony but they all ‘got away with it’.

So what went wrong? Was State’s case too ambitious, they introduced some evidence first time, was it too complex, difficult to understand or was it too speculative. Was Casey Anthony ‘overcharged’. Perhaps they should have concentrated on one theory, Jeff Ashton didn’t even say: If this is a murder one – is it felony or premeditated. You the jury must figure it out. But if attorneys with 30 years of experience can’t figure it out, how can ordinary citizens – cooks and carpenters – know? Their task was difficult, perhaps too confusing for them.

Defence did everything to confuse jurors too, they made state to disapprove their case – accident theory, claiming thay can say what they want and they have no burden of proof. In Finland if judges deliver verdict they also give an complete explanation why they reached the conclusion they did and what they think evidence proved or disapproved. This is mandatory, in USA obviously not, jury’s explanation can be found out only by media interviews whis is very strange. We don’t even know did the jury believe she drowned or did they think someone else was responsible. But it’s pretty obvious they didn’t like George Anthony, his violent outburst and clashes with protesters in front of the cameras , were reported by every news media outlet did hardly go unnoticed even for those who did not follow the case.

Maybe prosecutors should have hammered out an exact scenario what they think happened and brought in evidence to support their theory, perhaps that would have been more acceptable for the jury. Was murder weapon duct tape or chloroform, or was she suffocated. Unfortunately victim’s body was so badly decomposed that the cause of death is unknown. But the manner of death is homicide.

But putting legal battles aside for Caylee Anthony the justice was denied forever. It’s a damn shame.


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2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Verdict: A Damn Shame

  1. You said it! “It’s a damn shame”
    Another Guilty Person got off!
    She most likely is laughing behind every ones Back thinking how easy it was to walk away from Murder and most likely be rewarded for it with Fame and Money.
    It was All about the Victim Caylee, she is the One who’s Life was taken away and the Person responsible for her Death never will have to account for it.
    Casey A. is free to live her Life and have another Child to replace the One who’s Life she took.
    Yes, indeed It’s a damn shame!
    Justice was not served for Caylee Marie Anthony!
    However I do know for certain Casey’s Day will come when she has to answer for what she has done to Caylee and it won’t be up to 12 Jurors it will be a much higher Court she won’t be able to escape.
    Caylee will never be forgotten.
    Casey eventually will fade from our Mind and she will only be a bad Afterthought for most of us.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Hopefully she will fade away indeed, but all the money talk, how much Casey can make out of it, is like victimizing Caylee all over again.

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