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No Answers, No Justice For Nevaeh

5 year-old Nevaeh Buchanan disappeared in Monroe, Michigan, in 2009. She was likely abducted.

Her body was found by fishermen nearly two weeks later, buried along the banks of the River Raisin and covered by quick-dry concrete.

Nevaeh Buchanan

Autopsy results revealed grim details of her death: she was suffocated after inhaling dirt, meaning she may have been buried alive.

The case remains unsolved, police have not named any suspects. Buchanan’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan was known as someone palling around with sex offenders. Two sex offenders Roy Smith and George Kennedy, with ties to Jennifer Buchanan, were arrested for being associated with a child. Jennifer Buchanan was also convicted in 2006 of 1st degree home invasion and was released shortly before Nevaeh was murdered.

It seems two years later Law Enforcement is no closer to finding her killer despite numerous leads and tips. Her murder investigation have been unusually tight-lipped.

“We thought there would be answers by now. At least on the road to answers or something, but nothing,” said Carla Nash, grandmother of Nevaeh.

Crime scene, where Nevaeh’s body was found


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