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Whatever Happened To Madeleine McCann

The new book written by Criminal Profiler Pat Brown called ‘Profile Of The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann’ is certainly worth reading. By the way her book was pulled by after McCann lawyers contacted them and threatened to sue them for slander. McCann continue to silence their critics.

I have not read newly released book by Kate McCann called ‘Madeleine’and probably never will.

Kate McCann, the mother of missing girl, refused to answer police questions simply because she didn’t like them. There is no reason to believe she is would be more forthcoming now, revealing anything significant in her book tha would help to solve the case. There are many inconsistancies in their story as also pointed out by Pat Brown.

Pat Brown in her book offers one possible theory what may have happened to Madeleine. And the McCanns don’t look good. But it’s possible something much more sinister was going on.

Intitially Kate and Gerry came across as carefree but still down to earth people. They left their children unattended in a hotel room, in a foreign country because they thought it was safe. Most people wouldn’t even leave their toddlers alone at home. Furthermore at previous night they were warned reportedly by hotel staff that an intruder was reported at the very same hotel complex, but they still had no reason to worry, leaving patio doors unlocked. Well, they could not say the doors were locked, because it would contradict their abduction theory. There was no sign of forced entry and the police found no evidence of an intruder. They also refused nanny, although a person upstairs complained about Maddie crying at previous night.

So there are red flags everywhere.

They never physically searched Madeleine. They never asked Portuguese police to re-open investigation which is suspended now. Such behaviour is typical in missing children cases were parents are involved. Their pals are all more or less oddbolls, perhaps Jane Tanner most suspicious, she is obviously a liar. She is the one who allegedly spotted the abductor, later saying it was likely Robert Murat who snatched the child. She thought she recognized him. Myrat is a British man living in Portugal.

Many have wondered why Kate came up with an abduction theory right away, she claimed Maddie was unable to leave the apartment alone but failed to give an explanation, why. All the drama – Gerry’s rage, Kate’s agony, hitting and banging walls (per Fiona Payne), right after they found Maddie was ‘taken’ sounds strange. She could have wandered away, she was almost 4 years old. And they were overdoing it, in an effort to put on a show.

Both Kate and Gerry were named suspects – arguidos – in their daughter’s disappearance/death, but they were later cleared because there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

Kate and Gerry McCann blame everything between heaven and earth, they damn Portuguese police, British and Portuguese press, former lead investigator Goncalo Amaral etc but hardly ever admit any responsibility for Madeleine’s fate. Meanwhile they probably go out jogging, sucking their lollipops, making media appearances to promote their fund and book.

So give them a buck or two but don’t’ ask what happened to Madeleine McCann.


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