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Three Finns found murdered in Brazil

Three Finns were found murdered in Paraíbaon, Brazil, on Friday. Local farm workers found their bodies in sugar cane field. According to media report they died from gunshot wounds.

Brazilian police have released the identities of the murder victims. They are Pasi Kalervo Kaartinen, 71,   Riitta Marjatta Kaartinen, 68  and Sirpa Helena Tiihonen, 60.

Police there say that the victims were a married couple and their female friend.

According to some reports two of the victims were doctors, and Tiihonen was a nurse. They have lived in Brazil for a long time and owned a property in the area. Police have questioned several people. Leading investigator Rodolfo Santa Cruz said to news that the police know the motive for the killings. The motive is not robbery, police say. Victims wallets with credit cards and money were found nearby.

Victims were likely killed somewhere else, some blood was found in their property, but police don’t say is it connected to the crime. There are conflicting reports about the time of the killings, one neighbour was quoted as saying he heard gun shots early morning on Friday, while others say Finns have been missing for a while.

One person was detained but he has been released by the police.

This is not a random crime, says leading investigator Santa Crus.

These types of crimes agaist tourists or foreigners are rare in Brazil, there are areas tourists should avoid. Most commonly the motive is robbery.

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