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Finnish murder case in Spain. Woman brutally murdered for refusing to smuggle drugs

FINLAND: A BODY discovered on a property in Mijas is that of missing Finnish teenager, Jenna Lepomaki, Malaga National Police have confirmed.


Four people have been arrested, three of them in Finland.

The 19-year-old came to the Costa del Sol on holiday invited by two Finnish men, aged 18 and 20, who she had met online, as the mother of one of them lived in Mijas.
Her family attempted to dissuade her from coming, but the men paid for her trip and she arrived on June 20.
She spent the first few days in a hostel in Fuengirola, but when the young man’s mother, 37, and her partner, 47 and also Finnish, went away, Jenna moved into the house.
In July, her family reported her missing in Finland, and this was communicated to the Spanish police.

They discovered that the teenager had reported them to the Guardia Civil in Mijas because they had allegedly attacked and threatened her when she refused to transport cocaine from Spain to Finland.
She also reported that they had taken away her passport. From June 29, her mobile phone was turned off.
Spanish police discovered that the two men had left Spain, travelled to Ireland and then back to Finland, where they have now been arrested, and focused their investigation on them both for their involvement in Jenna’s disappearance and their possible links to cocaine trafficking.

18 year old suspect gives the finger during court hearing (Iltalehti)

It is reported by Finnish press, that the parents one of the murder suspect helped to cover up the crime. They are both arrested. Also another 18 year old man was arrested in Finland accused of killing 19 old Jenna, apparently co-perpetrator. It appears she was killed inside the house and the killers attempted to cut her body into pieces and then burn her remains, but having failed to do so, they hid it.

Jenna’s almost mummified body was found wrapped in a sleeping bag hidden amongst some bushes and leaves. The body was missing both legs and one arm. Part of the arm was found in a barrel located on a construction site nearby.

Family rented a property in Spain.  All accused are Finns.


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Mistrial Declared In Eileen Adams Case

Eileen Adams, 14 old Ohio schoolgirl, was supposed to go to her sister’s west Toledo home after school on December 18 of 1967 – but she never got off the bus.

Eileen Adams

A month and a half later, two Michigan brothers found a rolled up rug tied up with a lamp cord in a field.

She had a three inch nail drilled in the back of her heard and cord wrapped around her neck.

An autopsy concluded Adams had been strangled.

Case went cold pretty soon and lingered in police files for decades.

Until 1981 when Robert Bowman’s ex wife went to police and said Bowman killed Adams and she was a witness:

She said she heard some noise in the basement, she opened a wooden door and was stunned to find a naked young girl tied-up and ‘hanging like Jesus’. Her arms were outstretched and she had tape covering her mouth.

Ms Bowman said she knew the girl was alive because: ‘I looked in her eyes.’

‘I was horrified, I was screaming, I was shaking,’ she added. ‘I didn’t know what to think.’.

Victim’s was found hogtied with telephone cables and with a nail driven in her head

(crime scene photo/Daily Mail)

Officers found Bowman in Florida living in a shell of a burned out building. Inside the burned out building, officers found Bowman had suspended a Spider man doll from the ceiling upside down with string binding the dolls ankles. The string was also wrapped around the doll’s neck and down its back.

There was also a Ken doll that had a nail in the back of his head. Bowman lived with roaches, rats, and snakes which he named and treated like pets.

However prosecutor said there was not enough evidence to charge him.

In 2006, police reopened the case again at the request of Adams’ parents. This time, detectives tested for DNA, also victim’s body was exhumed.

Robert Bowman was arrested and charged with murder. At the time he had been living under a tarp in the desert in California.

Bowman went on trial in August 2011. Experts testified during the trial about DNA found on the victim’s clothing. According to testimony, the random likelihood that the DNA would be found in the general population was 1 in 4.15 million. Bowman’s ex-wife was a prosecution key witness. She stated that she was afraid of Bowman who threatened to kill her and their newborn daughter if she told anyone.

After about 2 days of deliberations jury was unable to reach a verdict and mistrial was declared. Jurors voted 10-2 vote to convict, Toledoblade reported.

Robert Bowman, now 75 year old, in court.

A gag order has been issued in the case preventing attorneys from discussing the previous trial or any future plans. Judge Gene Zmuda set an Aug. 29 pretrial.

Bowman remains charged with murder in the first degree and was returned to the jail after the mistrial was declared. If convicted on the charge, he faces up to life in prison.

UPDATE Bowman was found guilty of murder in the  first degree and was sentenced to life in prison Friday, October 28, 2011. Bowman said he intended to appeal the conviction.

Daily Mail

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Kiesha Abrahams Was Never Missing But Killed At Family Home

Kiesha Weippeart (Abrahams) was reported missing in August 2010 in Sidney, Australia.

Kiesha’s mother Kristi Abrahams alleged she went missing in the middle of the night. She explained she put Kiesha to bed as usual and in the morning she was gone.

However no one, except the parents had not seen the girl 3 weeks prior to her disappearance.

The police found blood in the family apartment, using luminol, it was reported.

Kiesha’s remains were found in a shallow grave in April 2011 near the couple’s home . The couple was unaware they had been monitored by police and they unknowingly led police to the child’s burial site. They headed into the forest, clutching a bunch of flowers to mark her 7th birthday, and walked into a police trap, The Daily Telegraph reported.

She allegedly died after being thrown against the wall and knocked unconsious, causing blood to seep out of her ears. She was then put in the shower and, still wet, put to bed.

Police allege that the next morning, the six-year-old was dead but her parents left her body in the house until July 18, when they packed her remains into a suitcase and took it to the bushland in Shalvey.

Kiesha’s mother Kristi Abrahams and stepfaher Robert Smith are in custody and they are charged with her murder.

FOUR months after they allegedly murdered their six-year-old daughter, Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith willingly posed for a photo shoot and pleaded for the child’s safe return.

Source Daily Telegraph

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Making History In The Courtroom

In 1987 DNA evidence in criminal trial was likely considered, novel, experimental science.

DNA got its first courtroom test in Orange County, Florida.  Casey Anthony prosecutor, Jeff Ashton gained the world’s first DNA conviction of a rapist more than 20 years ago. Florida appeals court upheld the conviction and Florida became the first state to affirm on appeal the use of DNA.  Since then DNA profiling has helped to acquit or convict suspects in many of the most violent crimes all over the world.

Jeff Ashton in 1987 arguing in courtroom for DNA evidence ‘That is not controversial or new procedure’ he says. (Image: credit wesh. com)

In Casey Anthony case, her defence team argued that the evidence such as hair samples, air samples and cadaver dogs evidence, that State wanted to present, are not simply credible. Anthony’s defence insisted such forensic evidence should not be admissible in court since the discovery is based on novel, experimental scientific research that is not generally accepted by scientific community. The defendant requested a Frye hearing to question the reliability of scientific evidence.

It’s the first time the air samples are introduced in a U.S. criminal case.

Hair sample with evidence of an apparent human decomposition or post-mortem root banding – the scientific name for the phenomenon – has never been used as evidence in a Florida criminal trial until the Anthony case. Prosecutors say these tests prove Caylee’s body was in the trunk of Casey’s car.
After voicing some concern that the issue ‘may come back to bite’ in the form of an appeal, Judge Belvin Perry decided to allow such ‘controversial’ evidence at Anthony’s trial.

Casey Anthony trial continues with expert scientific testimonies. She is accused of killing her 2 year old daughter, Caylee. She pleaded not guilty.

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton retired in June 2011 after unsuccessfully arguing along with Linda Drane – Burdick that 2 year old Florida girl Caylee Anthony died in the hands of her mother.

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In Sweden There Is No Decency

Very often In Sweden, courts release accused criminals, for whatever reason.

In 3 year old Anna Persson case co-accused was first convicted and sentenced to prison for 10 years, then released after few months when she appealed. In Charlotte Sönne case link court also acquitted victim’s husband, who even confessed! According to court the reason was that no exact cause of death was possible to establish. 78 year old Inger Wickman was killed by lebanese Ahmad Akileh, who was sentenced to prison only for 2 years! link And there are many more cases like this.

But what is really outrageous, how Swedish authorities leak sensitive information. First they leak graphic autopsy photos of two small chldren who were killed in Arboga by Christine Schürrer who literally hammered them to death.

Now they have leaked crime scene photos in Elin Krantz case, showing her half-naked, raped and murdered body from every angle (even victim’s private parts are shown). Of course, they haven’t put these photos on exhibit officially, but they somehow leaked, showing up in various internet sites in Sweden and abroad.

For what purpose those images ‘leaked’? Are Swedish authorities, police/prosecutors out of their minds.

There is no public interest to justify such action, but these horrific images are offensive to victims and their families who have suffered enough. There is no decency in Sweden.

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48 Hours Mystery: Only Casey Knows

ORLANDO, Fla. – It has been two-and-a-half years since Casey Anthony was first arrested and charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in a criminal case that has become a public obsession.

Casey was a 22-year-old single mother. She and her daughter lived with Casey’s parents, George and Cindy, in their Orlando home

Casey Anthony

“People hate her!” Casey’s father, George Anthony, told “48 Hours” in 2009.

“She’s been portrayed as an evil person,” added Cindy Anthony.

The little girl was described by most everyone around her as incredibly cute, happy and outgoing.

“She was just a beautiful child,” said Cindy.

But Caylee disappeared that summer after Casey took her daughter and left her parents’ home. Even more startling, is that Casey waited an entire month before revealing to her family and authorities that her child was missing. Casey claimed her nanny, a woman no one could find – much less even prove existed, had kidnapped the child. Six months after Caylee disappeared in December 2008, her skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area not far from her grandparents’ home

But now for the first time, a former member of Casey’s defense team tells “48 Hours Mystery” the nanny claim is a lie. Lawyer Linda Kenney Baden, who left the defense team in October, said, “She lied. Sure. I think everyone knows that was a lie.”

In Full: Open-and-shut case? Maybe not… Troy Roberts goes inside the defense of Casey Anthony link

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Video: Sveitsiläisten kaksosten etsintä/ Search for missing Swiss twins

Search for missing Swiss twins underway in Switzerland, near Geneva, in rural area of Confignon

Sveitsiläisten kaksosten etsintää jatkuu Sveitsissä, Genevan lähistöllä, Confignon’in kunnassa


Search for missing Swiss twins