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Murder Most Foul: Jealousy, passion and crime

Shocking end of the birthday party as victim attacked with an ax, set on fire.

love,murder-1296a6db4e72422ae88fe9a22c52ee16_hBirthday celebration ended in the brutal murder last Friday in Estonia, in small village called Kuusiku (Tartu County).

Reportedly there was an argument  between men that attended the party. Police say a motive for the killing was jealousy.

The victim, 26 year old Kristjan was attacked with an ax, then dragged into a field and set on fire. Police cannot say whether the victim was still alive when his attackers poured gasoline on his body to set him alight.

Initially five people were taken into custody. Three of them were released, two suspects are now in custody on suspicion of murder.

One of the suspects is victim’s 21 brother Kristo. Another suspect, 19 year old Erkki has admitted the killing.

It was reported that the woman has dated both brothers, she has two children with younger brother Kristo. The woman also allegedly dated Erkki, who is her step-brother. Erkki’s father and woman’s mother have been in the relationship in the past.

Estonian press describes killing as ‘crime of passion’.