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In Sweden There Is No Decency

Very often In Sweden, courts release accused criminals, for whatever reason.

In 3 year old Anna Persson case co-accused was first convicted and sentenced to prison for 10 years, then released after few months when she appealed. In Charlotte Sönne case link court also acquitted victim’s husband, who even confessed! According to court the reason was that no exact cause of death was possible to establish. 78 year old Inger Wickman was killed by lebanese Ahmad Akileh, who was sentenced to prison only for 2 years! link And there are many more cases like this.

But what is really outrageous, how Swedish authorities leak sensitive information. First they leak graphic autopsy photos of two small chldren who were killed in Arboga by Christine Schürrer who literally hammered them to death.

Now they have leaked crime scene photos in Elin Krantz case, showing her half-naked, raped and murdered body from every angle (even victim’s private parts are shown). Of course, they haven’t put these photos on exhibit officially, but they somehow leaked, showing up in various internet sites in Sweden and abroad.

For what purpose those images ‘leaked’? Are Swedish authorities, police/prosecutors out of their minds.

There is no public interest to justify such action, but these horrific images are offensive to victims and their families who have suffered enough. There is no decency in Sweden.