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Missing 6 yo Kiesha: Mom acting strange, covering her face in public.

Mother and step-father at the presser


A TRAGIC picture of little Kiesha Abrahams’ life was emerging yesterday as homicide police joined the search for the missing six-year-old.

Police sources revealed that, as a toddler, Kiesha was admitted to a western Sydney hospital with a bite wound inflicted by an adult.

The injury suffered by the pretty blue-eyed girl was yesterday described by a source as a "significant bite wound".

It has also emerged that Kiesha was known to numerous government departments, such as education and health.

But most of the harrowing details of her life cannot be reported for legal reasons.

The mother of missing schoolgirl Kiesha Abrahams tearfully insisted she had nothing to do with her daughter’s disappearance and suspected murder.

Kristi Abrahams, Kiesha’s mother


"No, no … I can’t do this, I can’t do this," Kristi Abrahams said as she rocked her baby boy Levi in the lounge of her Hebersham unit.

Ms Abrahams said she was bewildered by suggestions she may have harmed Kiesha.

As the hunt for the schoolgirl enters its fifth day, homicide officers confirmed the chances of finding Kiesha alive were "pretty slim".

Ms Abrahams and Mr Smith were yesterday escorted by detectives to Mt Druitt police station for questioning, which police insist was a routine part of the ongoing investigation.

The pair shielded their faces.

They were released last night and allowed to return home.

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