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Kiesha Abrahams Was Never Missing But Killed At Family Home

Kiesha Weippeart (Abrahams) was reported missing in August 2010 in Sidney, Australia.

Kiesha’s mother Kristi Abrahams alleged she went missing in the middle of the night. She explained she put Kiesha to bed as usual and in the morning she was gone.

However no one, except the parents had not seen the girl 3 weeks prior to her disappearance.

The police found blood in the family apartment, using luminol, it was reported.

Kiesha’s remains were found in a shallow grave in April 2011 near the couple’s home . The couple was unaware they had been monitored by police and they unknowingly led police to the child’s burial site. They headed into the forest, clutching a bunch of flowers to mark her 7th birthday, and walked into a police trap, The Daily Telegraph reported.

She allegedly died after being thrown against the wall and knocked unconsious, causing blood to seep out of her ears. She was then put in the shower and, still wet, put to bed.

Police allege that the next morning, the six-year-old was dead but her parents left her body in the house until July 18, when they packed her remains into a suitcase and took it to the bushland in Shalvey.

Kiesha’s mother Kristi Abrahams and stepfaher Robert Smith are in custody and they are charged with her murder.

FOUR months after they allegedly murdered their six-year-old daughter, Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith willingly posed for a photo shoot and pleaded for the child’s safe return.

Source Daily Telegraph