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‘Horror movie killing’ baffles Swedish police as gang war rages on in Malmö, Sweden.

The shooter who killed one man and injured two others at a cafe in Malmö in southern Sweden on Monday wore a mask similar to those worn by robbers in the 2010 Hollywood film “The Town”, according to police.

The Town is a 2010 crime film starring, co-written, and directed by Ben Affleck adapted from Chuck Hogan’s novel Prince of Thieves.

Of 49 murders committed between 1975 and 1992 in Charlestown, Massachusetts (a one-square-mile neighborhood of Boston), 33 of them remain unsolved. The issue: witnesses feared retaliation if they cooperated with the cops. Most of Charlestown’s murders can be traced to drugs, armored car robberies and informants who ignored the code of silence.

The Charlestown Code of Silence is dramatized in the movie “The Town.

The 27-year-old victim, who died from his injuries, was sitting at a table playing cards when the masked man entered the café shortly before 8pm on Monday. The shooting took place on an industrial estate where police previously have raided several illegal nightclubs.

Police believe he was the sole target. Two other men were injured in the shooting.  Police don’t believe they were targets.  Most likely, the two were hit in the chaos that erupted when the masked man began firing. There are contradictory reports as to whether the gunman had one or two weapons, but it has been ascertained that many shots were fired.  Man who died in the shooting has criminal record, two others have links with criminal gangs. No arrests have been made so far.

Is Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city’, Swedish’ Charleston?

There are several criminal gangs that operate in Malmö. Swedish police seem rather helpless in tackling widespread violent crime in the area. In past 15 years the rate of violent crime in Malmö has been doubled. Members of these gangs are often immigrants from many countries, commonly from Middle East and former Yugoslavia. There have been at least 27 gang-related shootings in Malmö this year, bombs exploded at least 15 times. Most commonly shootings are carried out in public places. Seven people have died in Malmö this year in so-called gang war.

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