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Video: Sveitsiläisten kaksosten etsintä/ Search for missing Swiss twins

Search for missing Swiss twins underway in Switzerland, near Geneva, in rural area of Confignon

Sveitsiläisten kaksosten etsintää jatkuu Sveitsissä, Genevan lähistöllä, Confignon’in kunnassa


Search for missing Swiss twins
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Update in Missing Swiss Twins Case

Italian media names a possible ‘accomplice’ in missing Swiss twins case Link


She is allegedly 27 year old Katia Irtano who is also missing since January 25.


Italian TV station RAI 3 reported that she was spotted with twins and Mattias Schepp ca two weeks before the twins were kidnapped by their father,  according to a witness.

However there is no official confirmation yet, but the matter is now being investigated.

Meanwhile more CCTV images were released of twins father. Schepp is seen alone in the parking lot and taking money from ATM on these photos of surveillance tapes in Marseille, France.





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Missing Swiss Twins Update

GENEVA – Two Swiss police officers have arrived in Corsica to assist their French counterparts in the search for the twin 6-year-old girls who disappeared almost two weeks ago.

The girls, Alessia and Livia, were taken by their father, whose body has been found near the Italian city of Bari, which is where the search is now being concentrated.

MISSING 6-year old Alessia and Livia

Hope of finding the girls alive is fading after a letter from their father turned up declaring he had killed them and was planning to kill himself.

Earlier on Saturday, French police said they hoped the girls’ mother, Irina Lucidi, could help them in the hunt in Corsica, while their Italian colleagues searched for the GPS from the dead father’s car.

FRENCH police are also investigating a report of a woman seen with missing Swiss twins and their father in Corsica before he committed suicide.

An investigator said they were “taking seriously” the account of Olga Orneck, a resident of the small southwestern ferry port of Propriano, who described to AFP how the four attracted her attention on the morning of February 1.

The witness said she was “100 percent certain” it was Schepp and “95 percent certain” the girls were his daughters Alessia and Livia.

Police say starting Jan. 30, girls’s father, Matthias Schepp traveled from Switzerland to Marseille, France, then on to Corsica and back to mainland France before reaching Italy. It is unclear when and where the girls disappeared. Swiss police said Thursday that in the days before he apparently killed himself, Matthias Kaspar Schepp, 43, used his work computer to trawl the Internet for information on firearms, poisons and suicide

The mother of the missing Swiss twins whose father confessed in a letter to killing them before he committed suicide said on Saturday she had still “not lost hope” of finding her children.

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