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Suspected serial killer arrested in Estonia

37-year old Andres Võsa, arrested for murder of 21 year old Erika Adamas, has confessed another murder. His newest victim is 55 year old Karin Mikiver, who was suspect’s neighbour – they lived in the same house – in Audru, Pärnumaa.

Andres Võsa


Suspect in gruesome murders has already been convicted of homicide as well as arson.

Suspect said the motive for the killing of 21 year old, was robbery, which is probably incorrect. Accused killer said he wanted to steal woman’s laptop, however sexual assault is very likely. 55 year old victim went missing in November, last year. Her body parts were found in local river by divers today. Suspect has confessed both murders.21 year old Erika went missing in April on her way to her boyfriend’s house just few yards away and her body was found the next day. She was buried close to the local cemetry.
Perpetrator has been charged with two counts of murder.

He was sentenenced to life in prison, which in Estonia means minimum of 30 years.



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